The management of the laboratory is aware of the ever-increasing demands on the quality and importance of the services provided. In order to achieve customer satisfaction and the maximum possible level of quality of services provided, the management of the laboratory announces the following quality policy:
  1. Understand customer needs, meet their requirements and achieve their satisfaction through a comprehensive range of high-level services, including cooperation with the customer from the definition of requirements to the delivery of test results.
  2. Ensure and constantly improve the professionalism of the services offered, adhere to good professional practice and apply the latest knowledge in the implementation of tests.
  3. Provide the necessary organizational, technical and personnel resources to meet the quality objectives and to achieve a high quality of work performed.
  4. Ensure continuous increase of professional competence of persons working in the laboratory, their training and professional growth and use the acquired abilities and skills to ensure the development of the testing laboratory.
  5. Create, adhere to, apply and constantly improve the quality management system and be permanently in accordance with the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 standard and other related accreditation criteria.
  6. To acquaint persons working in the laboratory with the established quality management system, with their obligation to apply the set procedures in practice and with their involvement in the improvement of the quality management system through the submission of proposals for measures for improvement.
  7. Top management is committed to creating the conditions to ensure the impartiality of the testing laboratory. Top management undertakes to act impartially in the selection of new employees for laboratories, in the process of receiving and reviewing customer requirements, in confirming the order and in communication with the customer.

As part of the application of the above quality policy, the testing laboratory management undertakes to regularly set the objectives of the quality management system, to evaluate these objectives and, if necessary, to implement corrective measures in order to meet all points of the quality policy.

The overall goals of the management system are:
  • maintain the status of an accredited laboratory
  • increase the professional competence of persons working in the laboratory
  • constantly improve the quality management systém

The company UNIS, a.s. is certified to:
  • quality system according to ISO 9001
  • information security management system according to ISO / IEC 270001
  • IT service management system according to ISO / IEC 20000-1
  • approval to develop, design aircraft parts and appliances (DOA)
  • approval to produce aircraft parts and appliances (POA)