Mechanical Resistance Tests

The Mechanical Resistance Tests laboratory equipment enables performing the following tasks::
  • vibration tests – sine, random, sine on random, random on random
  • shocks
  • resonance determination

The main parts of the mechanical resistance test laboratory is an electrodynamic vibration system with a slip table with a nominal force of 35 kN and a climatic chamber with a volume of 1450 l, which can regulate temperature and humidity. The laboratory also has a set of accelerometers which are used to check and control vibration levels as well as measure acceleration at up to seven positions simultaneously in a temperature range of -70°C to 180°C.

Further information about the mechanical resistance laboratory equipment

Our scope of accreditation include the following standards:

ČSN EN 60068-2-6
ČSN EN 60068-2-27
ČSN EN 60068-2-53
ČSN EN 60068-2-64
ČSN EN 60068-2-80

We also perform tests according to the following standards: